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Blue Rock Search is an MBE Certified, minority-owned executive search firm. As a member of the SRA Network, we are also a Hunt Scanlon Top 10 global recruiting firm and a member of the Hunt Scanlon HR/Diversity Recruiting Power 65.We specialize in the targeted identification, assessment, and placement of executives across four (4) distinct practice areas – Human Resources, Franchising , Customer Experience, and Higher Education. Blue Rock’s processes, technology, tools, and search methodology are designed to flex to the unique needs of each of our highly valued clients.

Relationships, executive search expertise, and experience management are at the core of our success. Our founding partners are recognized thought leaders in their functional verticals and together have more than 50 years combined experience in their respective practice areas. While our primary goal is to assist our clients in attracting and hiring leaders that make a positive difference in organizational culture and business results, we believe it is also essential to provide clients/candidates with an exceptional experience.

If you are interested in building a relationship with a search partner that can help you find the people who will make a difference in your organization, you can connect with us at 941.952.955 / http://www.bluerocksearch.com.

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Blue Rock Search is an executive search firm specializing in the targeted identification, evaluation, and acquisition of high quality, passive, talent. Their systems, processes, and tools are designed to flex to the unique needs and expectations of any search and to fill critical roles quickly.

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The Blue Rock Search Experience is a highly methodical and time-tested process grounded on continuous stakeholder engagement.

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News Briefings

Corporate Culture and Performance: What CEOs Need to Know

Every company, organization and team has a unique culture, characterized by a specific set of behaviors, and performance expectations. While a few norms are defined and documented, many in fact are “tribal rules” established and reinforced through informal channels, according to a new report by Blue Rock Search. “Leadership has a responsibility to proactively establish,

New Business Climate Requiring New Senior Leadership Type

Businesses across the world are now at a post-pandemic inflection point with respect to their most precious commodity: their talent. According to a new report by Alix Partners, the immediate uncertainty and chaos, underpinned by personal and societal anxiety about the impact of COVID-19, will moderate as people return to work. “But they will do so with at

Changing the Fabric of Corporate Boards

The events of last summer may have been a tipping point for the large array of factors that brought to the forefront already existing needs for change in boardroom composition. A new report by the Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD), in collaboration with Deloitte, concludes that that while stakeholders and shareholders increase demands for gender,

The Search is On for Top HR Leaders and Diversity Chiefs as Pandemic Risks Subside

As the pandemic raged last spring, chief human resource leaders stepped up around the nation. Their task: to play a starring role in helping organizations navigate and fight through a challenge that has turned out to be far greater than the one faced during the Great Recession. A recent article in The Economist noted that

Press Releases

Robert Irby Joins Lume Cannabis Co. as Sr. Director of Manufacturing

Sarasota, FL – Blue Rock Search is pleased to have partnered with Lume Cannabis Co. to place Robert Irby as the company’s new Senior Director of Manufacturing. Lume is a Michigan-based cannabis company focused on quality from seed-to-sell, with best-in-class grow facilities, an unparalleled variety of products and flower, world-class talent, and a five-star customer experience.

Candace Barnes Joins Papa Johns as Vice President, Global Head of DEI

Sarasota, FL – Blue Rock Search is proud to have partnered with Papa Johns to place Candace Barnes as the organization’s new Vice President, Global Head of DEI. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Louisville, Kentucky, Papa Johns International, Inc. is the world’s third-largest pizza delivery company, with over 5,200 establishments across 44 countries/territories and in all

Bala Swaminathan Joins PPG as Global Talent Management and Leadership Director

Sarasota, FL – Blue Rock Search is pleased to have partnered with PPG to place Bala Swaminathan as the company’s new Global Talent Management and Leadership Director. PPG is a Fortune 200 company with 52,000 employees in more than 75 countries, serving customers in construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets. The company’s dedicated

Christopher Ratliff Joins Generac as Vice President of HR

Sarasota, FL – Blue Rock Search is pleased to have partnered with Generac to place Christopher Ratliff as the company’s new Vice President, HR. Founded in 1959, Generac is the #1 manufacturer of home backup generators and manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace, including portable, residential, commercial, and industrial generators and power


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