Drake International Acquires Denosys

June 24, 2010 – Drake International has acquired internet HR software provider DenoSys LLC. The acquisition adds a complete HRMS to Drake's product offering, gives resources to the Drake team, and opens up new market opportunities for Drake's Exponential Impact Talent Management Solution (TMS). DenoSys principals, Ryan Dineen and David Dineen, will join the Drake team at its North American headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and will continue to provide services to existing US-based clients. “Drake's vision of the HRMS landscape and the demands of the market are completely in sync with ours. Together, we'll be able to provide a world-class Talent Management Solution to North America and beyond,” said Mr. Dineen. Members of the Drake International Group of Companies are innovators in talent management, profit improvement, permanent and flexible staffing, and technology solutions designed to improve productivity and performance.

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