Doostang Partners with 85 Broads

July 13, 2009 – Doostang, an online career website, has formed an alliance with 85 Broads, a community of innovative and pioneering women. “As a global network founded to enable women to achieve, excel, and meet their personal and professional goals, 85 Broads is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence at every stage of a woman’s career,” said Janet Hanson, CEO and founder of 85 Broads. “An important part of that commitment, especially given today’s challenging job market, is providing our members with the best career opportunities. We are extremely pleased to partner with Doostang in order to help our members develop their careers.” The partnership enables members of 85 Broads to gain access to Doostang’s premium jobs at significantly reduced rates. Doostang has over 30,000 in demand jobs on its website, of which over 7,000 are premium jobs, which includes positions at leading finance and investment houses, consulting firms, media companies, and technology startups. “We are thrilled to be partnering with such a widely respected community of accomplished women, many of whom will no doubt reach the career heights set by Janet Hanson during her 14 years at Goldman Sachs,” said Mareza Larizadeh, founder of Doostang. “We also look forward to providing its members with the kind of choice career possibilities consistent with the 85 Broads’ mission.” Founded in 1997, 85 Broads has over 20,000 members and representatives from 82 countries.

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