ClickSoftware Technologies Implemented by Mosiac Sales Solutions

October 18, 2010 – Automated workforce management and optimization solutions specialist ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. has been chosen by Mosaic Sales Solutions, a provider of services to retail, consumer packaged goods, electronics and entertainment companies, for its workforce management solutions tools. Mosaic plans to implement the solution early 2011 to identify and optimize resources, launch recruitment campaigns based on those optimal scenarios and execute schedules. “There are hundreds of businesses that rely on contingent workforces and Mosaic is setting the standard for a successful model built on a highly flexible and scalable workforce,” said Hannan Carmeli, president and chief operating officer of ClickSoftware. “We're extremely pleased to help Mosaic continue to deliver the kind of service excellence that customers have come to depend on, lower costs and stay to true to its commitment to employees.”

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