CEOs Spending Half Their Time on HR Issues

December 14, 2014 – CEOs say they spend an average of up to 46 percent of their time on HR issues, according to the CEO HR Pain Points Survey released by TriNet. Thirty-three percent of CEOs cited HR documentation and workplace compliance as their greatest concern, followed by litigation and hiring practices, at 25 and 18 percent, respectively. “Government doesn’t think about the size of a company when it sets new legislation and compliance regulations. If not properly prepared and equipped, small and medium size businesses can quickly be distracted and hampered by the complexity and weight of regulation,” said Burton Goldfield, president and CEO at TriNet. “Expert advice and bundled technology solutions help manage compliance, candidate search, employee performance, benefits, payroll and expenses. They transform the function of HR from a burdensome time-suck on an SMB into a strategic business asset and driver.” The TriNet survey was conducted by eMedia and comprised 469 CEOs of small and medium size businesses from various industries including technology, biotech and financial services.

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