CareerCast/JobSerf Employment Index Shows Big Gains in Managerial Hiring

August 10, 2010 – The July Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online, rose to 106.9, a gain of 14.3 over the June Index with managerial recruitment activity rising to its highest level since March 2008. Cities leading the increase in per capita hiring were Pittsburgh (+13 percent) and Cleveland (+11 percent), followed by Cincinnati (+seven percent) and St. Louis (+seven percent). However, Boston and Riverside both lost 10 percent. Washington, D.C., at 176, is still the city to beat with the most managerial job activity despite a static July, while Riverside continues to be the lowest ranking city at 18. “The upward trend in managerial hiring is a positive indicator of job growth,” said Jay Martin, COO, JobSerf. “And, if the numbers continue to stay above pre-recession job-listing levels, managerial recruitment could be the leading edge indicator of improvement in all levels of employment.”

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