Index Shows Signs of Improving Economy

February 27, 2013 – Indications of the beginnings of an economic recovery are reflected in the latest Employment Index, as national managerial hiring climbed 4.9 points in February, following a 2.2 point increase in January. While the index level is below the February level of 2012, it does reflect job growth across all regions with more to come. Since reaching its low-point in 2009, recovery has been gradual with frequent dips along the way. All cities showed a gain in managerial hiring in February, with Memphis (+23 percent), Nashville (+20 percent) and Tampa (+18 percent) leading the way. Other cities with double-digit hiring growth included Cleveland, Louisville, Indianapolis, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Miami, Minneapolis, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego, Hartford, and Milwaukee. “All of the cities in our Index showed positive growth. If this is maintained, it will be a sign of a real recovery,” said JobSerf CEO Jay Martin.

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