Employment Index Records 10 Percent Loss in U.S. Hiring

June 2, 2011 – The Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online, continued to slide for the third month in a row, with a loss of 2.1 points in July. “We are not seeing an improvement in hiring during the summer months, which is typical for this time of year,” said Tony Lee, publisher, “Although summertime may be the slowest for new opportunities, job seekers should not discontinue their search for employment since there may be less competition as some take the summer off from the job hunt.” Los Angeles, which saw a gain of 13 percent in managerial hiring in June, was the biggest loser this month with a 15 percent decline in hiring activity. Miami, another big winner in June (+10 percent), saw an 11 percent hiring decrease in July. Louisville, which dropped 12 percent in June, fell another eight percent in July. Five cities saw double digit gains this month, including Detroit (+14 percent), Seattle (+12 percent), Boston (+11 percent), Minneapolis (+10 percent) and Baltimore (+10 percent).

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