Career Partners International Adds Locations in Greece, Norway, Switzerland and California

December 14, 2014 – Career Partners International (CPI) has named eight new global office locations throughout Greece, Norway, Switzerland and Southern California: Intersystems Consulting, based in Greece; Medvind Personal AS, based in Norway; Organisation & Training Partners AG, based in Switzerland; and Jo-Anne Smith & Associates, based in California join the 72 partner firms in 47 countries that make up Career Partners International’s equity ownership. Intersystems Consulting S.A. is a boutique consulting firm with specializations in executive search (career management), outplacement, and executive coaching. Medvind Personal AS specializes in companies and people in transition with a focus on personalized coaching and engagement to ensure successful transitions. Organisation & Training Partners AG (OTP) is a Swiss HR consulting group with a team of more than 80 dedicated professionals. Jo-Anne Smith and Associates is a career management consulting firm offering services in three areas: career transition/outplacement services, executive coaching/executive team development, and creating returns on employee investment. “We are committed to our clients,” said David P. Hemmer, president and Career Partners’ CEO. “These new offices will further support the growing international needs of our clients through expertise and awareness that is only possible with the localized presence they bring to our organization.” Founded in 1987 by seven talent management firms in North America, Career Partners International has grown to more than 250 offices in over 45 countries around the world, and offers direct access to more than 1,600 experts in career management, talent development, leadership and executive coaching, career transition and outplacement services.

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