Cameron Search | Staffing Announces Name Change

April 28, 2010 – Cameron Search | Staffing today announced it has changed its name from Cameron Tucker Consulting to better reflect its core business focus: searching for qualified job candidates and providing staffing solutions for its clients. The company also announced the availability of Matchability, its trademarked employee and employer compatibility process, and the launch of its Web site at Utilizing a questionnaire which zeros in on the 10 key factors they have found most important to ensuring the right match between employers and employees, Matchability enables Cameron Search | Staffing to look deeper than a candidate's resume and qualifications, and ensure they have the right personality, the right work ethic, and the right work style for each company's specific needs. "Recent labor statistics indicate that companies are beginning to hire again — and we are ready to help them find the right people," said Patrick Dudley, president of Cameron Search | Staffing. "Like great matchmakers, we bring job seekers and employers together — and with Matchability, we've got the edge on getting the right people in the right position." Founded in 2001 as Cameron Tucker Consulting, Cameron Search | Staffing has offices in Dallas, Cincinnati, Nashville, Tampa and San Antonio.

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