Bespoke Partners Launches 3 Dedicated PE Executive Search Practices

May 18, 2022 – Recruiting high-impact leaders for PE-backed software companies who can execute on portfolio company value creation plans with immediate impact is big business for one of the nation’s top search boutiques.

San Diego, CA-headquartered executive search firm Bespoke Partners has launched three new dedicated executive search practices to accelerate recruiting of high-impact leaders for private equity-backed software companies. The new dedicated practices provide in-depth, role-specific focus on sales and marketing leaders, technology leaders, and human resources leaders.

Bespoke Partners said this approach enables the firm to rapidly find and recruit leaders with the greatest potential to execute on portfolio company value creation plans to achieve an investment thesis.

“The talent market is tight, especially for seasoned leaders with successful private equity track records,” said Bespoke president Eric Walczykowski. “At the same time, it has never been more critical to quickly find leaders who can immediately start to execute on value creation plans. Our alignment of search and advisory teams around functional roles delivers faster results with more thorough assessment and unmatched access to the best candidates.”

The dedicated practices at Bespoke are formalizing the longstanding success the company has had in recruiting that targets key leadership roles. Bespoke previously announced dedicated practices for chief executive officer and board member search, and chief financial officer search. Both practices posted record-breaking performance in their respective areas in 2021, according to recent data, and both have exceeded 100 placements.

Data-Driven Methodology
Each team combines Bespoke’s data-driven search methodology with its unique leadership advisory services. Bespoke calls this approach Search 2.0 and said it brings management science to shortening search cycles and identifying candidates with the greatest potential for success in the targeted roles.

Record-breaking deal volume in private equity is making competition for talent fierce and lengthening industry average search times. But Bespoke’s Search 2.0 is designed to mitigate the impact of this historically tight market.

“We pioneered data-driven search and our track record in technology leadership recruiting showcases the power of Search 2.0,” said Nick Donlan, senior vice president and co-leader of Bespoke’s technology leaders recruiting practice. “Our process enables us to surface the best chief product officer and chief technology officer candidates earlier.”

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