Avue Technologies Creates Federal Job Postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

September 21, 2011 – Avue Technologies Corporation has announced new features that enable Avue and federal government agencies to post jobs using popular social media and online networking sites. Avue's social media postings join the over 1,600 .edu and .org sites that Avue pushes federal government job information to today. The combined reach of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter means that job information will reach an audience of 1.1 billion users. “It's time to end business-as-usual in our federal government; and change the way government recruits candidates and notifies the public about federal job opportunities,” said Linda Rix, co-CEO of Avue Technologies. “Federal agencies have been forced to rely on a single passive, destination site to satisfy job posting requirements. Not only is this an antiquated method of outreach, the confusing process it uses has become a deterrent to the job seeker.” Founded in 1983, Avue Technologies provides the public sector with integrated technology and service solutions that increase enterprise-wide visibility and management effectiveness, workforce productivity, and manager and worker satisfaction.

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