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April 20, 2010 – Alliance Staffing Solutions, a full-service recruitment agency, has formed a partnership with to create a single offering that combines staffing services with pre-employment background checks for corporate clients. The initiative will provide single-source simplicity for corporate customers seeking to streamline their staffing operations. “Most companies already provide some sort of background verification and crime check in their employment process, for good reason,” added Ted Moss, CEO. “The Society for Human Resource Management states that 22 percent of job applicants make some type of false claims, so as any employer can tell you, the need is evident. Bundling our service with Alliance Staffing made sense from a service perspective for our clients and from a convenience perspective for our recruitment agency clients.” The Alliance Staffing Solutions Group of Companies is a full-service recruitment firm headquartered in Independence, OH. is a provider of background checks and pre-employment screening solutions.

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