Agilium Worldwide Adds Middle East-Based Firm to Network

September 19, 2014 – Agilium Worldwide, LLC, has added EMEA search firm Human Valoris as the newest member of its global network. With expertise in all major core industry specialties, Human Valoris has offices in Riyadh, Dubai, Beirut and Qatar in addition to a legal entity in Paris. Its main expertise covers industrial manufacturing, petrochemicals, oil & gas, contracting, financial services, real estate, transportation, retail, food, travel & tourism, and telecommunications, among others. Nazih Saade, founder and general manager of Human Valoris, said: “Our presence and experience in the Middle East have helped us to build an unparalleled local network, supporting our global reach in selecting candidates from various regions: Middle East, Australia, Canada, U.S., South Africa and Europe. Through our experience, we have gained access to thousands of qualified market specialists throughout the Gulf that support and compliment our business strategy in targeted search.”

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