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Private Equity Returns: Connecting Talent to Value

As the world changes, so too does “value” change. What consumers willingly paid for yesterday becomes passé overnight. What they will willingly pay for tomorrow just as quickly becomes today’s business imperative.

To keep up with these value shifts, senior leaders move financial capital at lightning speed from points of lower return to points of higher return. Obviously, they also need to assemble the right talent at these “value hotspots” if their companies are to win. The problem? The traditional tools of HR are fixated on the talent side of the equation to the exclusion of the value. They can’t connect talent to value fast enough or dynamically enough.

Join Michael Barriere and Shefali Salwan for CEO.works’ interactive webinar supported by Hunt Scanlon Media. The session will focus on ‘Connecting Talent to Value’, a process designed to rapidly deliver business value by mobilizing the roles and talent that have the greatest impact on returns. Michael and Shefali will share real-world examples of the Talent to Value process applied in a PE context.