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Implementing and Achieving Measurable Outcomes Through Culture and Strategy

One of the most prevalent issues seen in designing a company culture is the lack of clarity about what culture is – and isn’t. Culture is the patterns of behavior that are encouraged, discouraged, or tolerated, by people and systems, over time. To successfully develop and manage any company’s culture you need to measure and monitor your culture as you would do with any other aspect of your business.

Amanda Fajak, Executive Director of Walking the Talk, will be joined by industry leaders including Bob Weiler, Managing Partner at Brimstone Consulting Group; and John J. Keller, Managing Director at ZRG Partners’ Technology Practice.

Special guest Cora Béghin, Vice President of Learning and Development at Sage, will discuss how with Walking the Talk they identified key patterns of behavior to unlock success within their organization and how they were able to increase pace and commitment across the organization to deliver strategic priorities.

When you define your culture strategy you need to have an understanding of where you are, where you want to be, and the journey you’ll need to take to get there.

Topics to be discussed include:

●Assessing your culture.

●Defining your target culture.

● Increasing Accountability to generate pace, reliability, agility and empowerment