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How Behavioral Assessments Can Accelerate Leadership Transformation

Jul 13, 2022 As soon as a private equity firm has closed on a new portfolio company, the pressure is on to get the right leadership in place to execute on the portfolio company growth plan as quickly as possible.

But who are the “right” leaders? How do you assess the fit with the executive team? How do you prevent a bad hire? What do you do when multiple new leaders are needed? How do you do all this quickly to get value creation on track?

Join Bespoke Partners for an interactive webinar supported by Hunt Scanlon Media. The session will focus on how new management science and behavioral analysis techniques are being harnessed to accelerate leadership transformation in portfolio companies.

These methods provide unparalleled leadership insight and produce better placement outcomes while significantly shortening search times.

We will present an overview and case studies from Bespoke Partners’ FIT Profile process for executive search as illustrations.