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Executive Compensation Benchmarks & Search Outlook for 2022

To lure new workers, companies across the country are extending salary guidelines and considering the once unthinkable: counteroffers! It is a trend that will likely wreak havoc with executive compensation benchmarks that have been thoughtfully put in place for years.

Join Thrive and Hunt Scanlon Media in a first look at new data that has just streamed in. Thrive will look at the market dynamics at play, executive search and velocity trends, and the vast implications it all means for 2022 and beyond!

This is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand from experts in the field, including the head of portfolio human capital at Audax Private Equity! They will share their first-hand experience on what they are seeing with executive compensation trends, along with valuable insights.

Steve Maxwell from Audax Group will provide industry insights from his experience leading the human capital function at a premier middle-market private equity firm with over 150 platform investments.