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Ensuring Management Teams are Intentionally Built to Deliver on 2024 Goals

(November 9, 2023) In this webinar PE-focused human capital advisory firm FMG Leading was joined by senior leaders from Copley Equity Partners, Tilia Holdings, and LightBay Capital, to delve into how portcos are intentionally aligning and focusing their teams during budget planning season to beat the competition in the coming year.

While leaders are counting on their teams’ ability to significantly improve financial results in 2024, employees have their doubts. In a recent FMG Leading LinkedIn poll, 33% of respondents report that they’re “not very confident” in their leadership teams’ ability to deliver in the year ahead…..while only 13% responded that they were “Extremely Confident” that their leadership team was poised to deliver in 2024.

Don’t miss the opportunity to ensure your 2024 plan is backed by the essential human capital capabilities and strategic narrative needed to achieve industry-leading results.