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Empowering Middle Managers: The Keystone of Cultural Transformation

(June 12, 2024) In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the key to instilling lasting organizational change lies with your middle managers. In “Empowering Middle Managers: The Keystone of Cultural Transformation,” hosted by TI Verbatim Consulting and supported by Hunt Scanlon Media, our expert panel spotlights the pivotal role of middle management in driving and sustaining cultural shifts within organizations.

Featuring distinguished thought leaders from across industries, this webinar features unparalleled insights into empowering these vital agents of change. Our experts outlined practical strategies for supporting middle managers, from communication and leadership training, to emotional intelligence and change management techniques. Watch now to gain a deeper understanding of how to equip middle managers with the tools and mindset needed to navigate and influence cultural transformation, ensuring their organizations not only adapt to the current climate but also emerge stronger and more agile for future success.