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Dreamscape: Industry-wide Equity & Transformation

Join Daversa Partners on January 12th for an interactive webinar supported by Hunt Scanlon Media. The session will focus on Dreamscape, a newly launched business unit of Daversa Partners dedicated to advancing Black representation on the boards and executive teams of companies and investing firms in technology.

Black executives have largely not been afforded the same opportunities in tech startups and venture capital, according to Daversa. Dreamscape addresses this by focusing on industry-wide equity and transformation. By working in partnership with CEOs, founders and investors who are committed to making sure there is Black representation at the leadership level, Dreamscape is serving as a catalyst for change.

“Dreamscape was built on the premise that the tech community does not, in fact, have a pipeline or scarcity issue – but rather it suffers from an access problem to diverse leaders,” said Clinton Browning, head of Dreamscape.