SpenglerFox Strengthens their Presence in Morocco

(Dec. 8, 2021) SpenglerFox is pleased to announce that Patrick Soumet, Founder of Digit Consulting in Morocco, has joined our Global Alliance. With this addition to our global network of affiliates, we are able to strengthen our existing presence in Morocco where we have supported our clients for well over a decade.

“In our continues effort to bring custom-made solutions to the doorsteps of our clients, and to serve them on a “Glocal”-scale and across multiple continents, we are thrilled to announce our new alliance partner, Patrick Soumet in Morocco”, said Péter Szabó, Partner and Head of Affiliates.

North- and Sub-Saharan Africa has been a key region for SpenglerFox over the years, providing an important bridge for many of our European clients operating in or expanding into Africa.

“I wanted to join the SpenglerFox network, firstly, because having an international structure behind you puts you into a stronger position to negotiate with large clients. Today Morocco is becoming one of the most important countries in the region, with a solid economic structure, perfectly located at a crossroad between Europe, Middle East and Africa”, said Patrick Soumet, Founder of Digit Consulting.

Patrick has a professional career spanning 30+ years in sales and marketing in Spain, France, Turkey and Morocco, in various fields such as international transportation, domestic appliances, consumer goods, electronics and food distribution.

“Our expansion in the Kingdom of Morocco comes at an opportune time. With an increased capability to provide executive talent solutions, especially the addition of Development Centres and Leadership Advisory, our clients locally will greatly benefit from our increased capabilities and the expansion of the human capital solutions we can support them with to grow their businesses while we help them grow their talent”, said Eric Verney, Client Partner, France and North Africa.

To read more about our global presence and the range of executive talent solutions we offer, please visit our website.

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