Robert Head

Associate Partner

Dr. Robert L. Head has more than 40 years of experience in executive and organizational leadership, including more than 20 years spent in higher education administration. He is the President Emeritus of Rockford University. Previously, Dr. Head served as the president of Urbana University, as well as the president of Rockford University.

Dr. Head’s career began in the banking world of the Ohio-Toledo Trust, where he became the Vice President of Trust Services. He held the same position at Northern Trust in Chicago before his career transitioned from finance to higher education. In 2001, Dr. Head was named the President of Urbana University, a position he held until he was named the president of Rockford University in 2008.

During his early years in higher ed administration at Benedictine University, Dr. Head first worked with Cheryl Hyatt and the TCR Group to assist the organization’s fundraising efforts. Impressed with Hyatt’s team at TCR, Dr. Head retained them to help with fundraising efforts again during his years at Urbana University. Once he retired from higher education himself, Dr. Head was invited to join Hyatt-Fennell and lend his expertise to the firm’s executive search and organizational fundraising services.

“I believe Hyatt-Fennell’s personal approach is what helps us stand out,” says Dr. Head. “As a specialized firm, our clients often deal directly with our principals. This means they receive hands-on assistance from longtime experts who truly understand their needs, and who are dedicated to helping institutions find the right people who suit not just their business needs, but also fit their organization’s culture and values.”

When it comes to matching talent with opportunities, Dr. Head finds a strong correlation between a person’s past achievements and their future success. “Often, an organization is looking for someone with a very specific skillset,” says Dr. Head. “Being able to hone in on those traits during an interview is key, but I also look critically at what that person has achieved. Do their previous accomplishments match their next institution’s goals? If so, that’s when we really know that we’ve found the right fit.”

Dr. Head’s recent work at Hyatt-Fennell include successful executive searches for Brenau University, Emory and Henry College, and Elmhurst College. In addition to organizational consulting, Dr. Head has also conducted research, authored associated articles, and regularly speaks to domestic and global audiences regarding matters of importance to higher education. Dr. Head currently serves on the board of Christian publishing company David C Cook, where he assists with fundraising.