Patrick Reedy

Managing Director – Polymers, Pigments & Coatings

Patrick is in the middle of his 11th  year as an executive search consultant. Patrick’s career has cast a wide net. His depth and breadth of business experience bring many years of relevant work experience to SearchPath of Chicago. His prior experiences bring him well rounded into understanding of supply chain management, packaging, material handling, chemical, polymers, and food. Patrick’s career started in 3PL progressed to distribution to manufacturing and finally supply chain in a broker environment much similar to the day in the life of a recruiter.

Patrick currently specializes in an array of applications and positions in sales, science, and engineering in niche markets and applications that need special attention technology in various verticals.

Patrick also enjoys many hobbies and sports. Some of them include skiing, racquetball, camping, hiking, and soccer. His favorite teams to watch are the White Sox, Blackhawks, and Bears. Also in his spare time, he continues to educate himself in history, science, politics, current events, and music so he can live out his lifelong dream of being on Jeopardy.

What Clients Say . . .

  • Candidate Testimonial
    Chris was fantastic in helping me get my new job as district manager for car wash usa express. I had never been recruited for a company like this before and him and Patrick made the process easy and I truly felt like they had my interest in mind while doing it! Jordan Stinson, District Manager
  • Hi-Tech Mold
    “In the past, I’ve had a number of job positions that called for unusual blends of skill sets that I have had difficulty filling through traditional means. Patrick has come through on multiple occasions with strong candidates whom I have hired and they have had successful careers. Patrick takes the time to understand the position