Mark Ragland

Vice President, Science & Agriculture

Mark is a 17 year veteran of the recruiting business, dedicating the last 8 years to leading his team in 3 markets:  Biofuels, Food Ingredients, and Agriculture.  He began his recruiting career in delivering talent in the accounting and finance markets for Chicago businesses.

The key to Mark’s success has been in his attention to detail, and maintaining strong communications with client companies, so they are fully aware where things stand for their active searches.  He insists on understanding as fully as possible all critical success factors that go into each role for which he’s identifying and delivering talent.

Mark’s core philosophy in identifying talent includes a reliance on the recruiting methodologies that made this industry strong – finding passive talent through competitive companies.  This requires abandoning the dependence on job boards and recycled profiles.  It also requires a great deal more time to find the right candidates, but statistically, these candidates have the highest likelihood of remaining with their new companies for five years or more.

Since joining SearchPath of Chicago in 2007, he has scored consistently in the Top Ten  in placement revenue across SearchPath’s 48 offices.