Mark Carpenter

Managing Director – Accounting & Finance

Having extensive experience with the full scope recruitment placement process, my goal is to partner with the candidate and client to develop a win-win scenario. I take pride in making the right match for the right reasons while taking a long-term approach for both the candidate and client company. I have represented many of my clients for years, and I take pride in the success of placed candidates and their career progression as they are promoted and become a hiring authority (that’s a good day for all). My reputation has been built as a person that does the right thing. After all, my reputation is my most valuable asset than any skill I have.

Search expertise includes all levels of Finance, Accounting, Financial Accounting Systems, and Human Resources.

What Clients Say . . .

  • Testimonial – Mark Carpenter
    “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark as both a hiring manager and a candidate. My experience on both sides was very much the same. Mark is a trusted career consultant who sees the bigger picture, takes the longer view, wants the best thing for both parties. He has vast experience in matching candidates