Juan Bidart

Research Associate / Graphic Designer

Juan is our newest addition to the team as a graphic designer and research associate, joining in August 2021. Originally from Concepción, Chile, Juan ventured to Canada as an international student and is now in process of becoming a permanent resident.

His role at Pekarsky & Co. is to assist other members with research and copywriting, mixing his experience as a writer and as a visual artist to create effective and eye-catching proposals, presentations and other forms of media. His goal is to always find that balance between creative and analytical work to produce only the best results.

Juan has a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies from the University of Calgary, and a Diploma of Journalism from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). His varied array of skills includes writing, illustration, photography, videography and graphic design, all of which he has practiced outside of his studies as a freelancer.

Aside from his work at our firm, Juan often engages in different projects with fellow creatives in the Calgary scene, including his partner, a professional photographer. Together, they have created their very own brand of luxury goods with an artistic twist, called Maison Lumière Home. This side business has proven useful for Juan to polish his copywriting and media production skills, attracting audiences with interesting and witty storytelling.