Emy Pena


Based in the Los Angeles office of Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates, Emy is a partner in the firm’s higher education practice and has more than ten years of executive search experience. She has earned a stellar reputation for maintaining a high level of involvement throughout all phases of the search process. Having a “hands-on” orientation, Emy is personally responsible for candidate identification and recruitment, interview coordination, candidate and client management, and candidate referencing. Emy has led and assisted with searches in all academic and administrative areas, including president/chancellor/CEO, provost, vice president (of all functional areas), and dean searches for universities large and small, public and private. Emy has significant experience working with the California State University System and has led searches for the vast majority of its 23 campuses as well as the system office. Prior to joining Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates, Emy held various administrative, public relations, and fundraising roles in leading nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles. She served as Board Liaison with Los Angeles Universal Preschool and Special Events Coordinator & Office Manager for the Development Department of the Salvation Army Southern California Division.