Debby Garrow

Vice President

Debby Garrow has been a student of the retail, wholesale, and the fashion business since she was a young girl. Her passion for business along with her deep knowledge and industry insider experience are what truly set her apart.

Whether working on behalf of a strong merchant or a senior executive in marketing or human resources, building a strong sales team or succession planning, her collaborative approach helps her assess each client’s unique situation, then align a recruitment strategy to solve the problem.

Debby brings more than 20 years of industry insider experience in the retail and wholesale merchandising sectors to the benefit of her clients, including serving as president of the Enzo Angiolini Retail Division of Nine West, senior vice president at Filene’s (G. Fox), and vice president at Lord & Taylor, merchandising a wide range of categories.

Debby takes a lot of pride in helping clients find the right solution. For example, a $2B highly successful public company with a complex multi-brand portfolio had a lean senior management organization, and they needed to add more experienced leadership to help build the business during a strong growth mode. Previous recruiting attempts by other firms had failed. Instead, Debby took careful steps to first understand the culture of the organization and identify specific competencies required for success. The client agreed that they needed to not only recruit someone for the leadership role, but to create an executive succession plan. First, Debby recruited the right person for the original SVP position, then she recruited three more SVPs for each key category of business. Finally, the company reorganized and reduced the number of direct reports, reducing the pressure on their senior team. The company has had consistent growth and is approaching $3B.

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