Carolina Elsin

Director, The Americas

Consultant to Management in senior level Executive Search, Assessment and Development. I assist Corporations finding their top executives, understanding values and providing insight and focus on cultural fit, growth and transformation.

Have assisted leaders hiring their regional Directors for Latin America and their top executives in specific countries, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and others in Central America, or from Latin American companies hiring globally.

Have assisted Corporations in assessing their executive teams, and professionals in finding development focus and carreer potential.

Have worked for companies undergoing Global Expansion in several industries including consumer goods, pharmaceutical, technology and oil&gas.

Specially tuned to handling confidentiality, working happily, assisting leaders that seek quality candidates, and giving honest feedback.

Graduated Computer Scientist from Xavier University, Cincinnati, and Finance post-graduate degree from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Onthological Coach from Newfield Network, Chile.