Newland Associates Forms Alliance with Pandatron

October 10, 2023 – Newland Associates, a provider of workforce development solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with Finland-based Pandatron, a provider of artificial intelligence micro coaching solutions. Through this collaboration, Newland Associates will introduce Pandatron’s AI micro coaching solution to its clients in the U.S. and assist Pandatron in expanding its reseller partnerships across multiple continents. “The bottom-up approach and unparalleled pricing structure make the program extremely affordable, yet powerful,” said Robert Newland, CEO of Newland Associates. “If little league players to C-suite executives benefit from coaching, we know the only thing keeping organizations from offering coaching to all employees is cost. Pandatron solves that.”

Pandatron’s AI micro coaching is new approach to employee engagement and development, offering 30-minute weekly sessions and optional daily five minute follow-ups, all facilitated by an AI coach. By collecting anonymized responses, the platform also provides real-time insights into employee sentiment, helping organizations to enhance employee engagement, refine leadership strategies, and drive improved business outcomes.

Dima Syrotkin, founder of Pandatron, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating: “We are thrilled to partner with a firm like Newland Associates to expand our presence in the United States and beyond. We’ve built a powerful platform that will allow organizations to engage in agile initiatives that won’t leave people behind.”

“This partnership signifies a commitment to enhancing workforce development and engagement for organizations of all sizes and industries,” he said. “Newland Associates and Pandatron are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring and look forward to delivering cutting-edge solutions to empower employees and drive business success.”

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Earlier this year, Pandatron raised $550,000 in a seed funding round. The company is using the funds to expand within existing clients, reach their next milestone, and prepare for a Series A funding round. The funding round attracted an array of investors, including key figures from Silicon Valley. Notable participants include Michael Antonov, former co-founder and chief software architect at Oculus VR, and venture capital firms such as Evolutionary Ventures, Blocktech Ventures, Celero Ventures, and daFUND. Additional support came from angel investors like Patrick Müller from Germany, reflecting confidence in Pandatron’s enterprise offering.

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Pandatron also recently developed a conversational chatbot with a seamless integration to popular communication platforms like Teams and Slack. This enables personalized coaching for organizations navigating complex change processes and driving innovation, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Proven Search Consultants

Newland Associates specializes in executive search and talent management solutions. The firm places over 50 executives annually, with a notable presence in the healthcare and non-profit sectors. Newland Associates’ talent management division offers a range of services including executive coaching, assessment, change management, and leader development. With a team of nearly 20 seasoned professionals, the firm serves clients across the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Mr. Newland founded Newland Associates in 1991, and over the years he has been involved in many local, national and international projects, including C-suite executive search, talent management and leadership development across a broad set of industries.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; and Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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