Madison MacArthur Merges with The ExeQfind Group & The Qualifind Group

January 28, 2021 – The ExeQfind Group, based in Atlanta and San Diego-based The Qualifind Group have merged Toronto-based executive search firm Madison MacArthur Incorporated into its search and recruitment platform. The dual practices, according to Sylvia MacArthur, president of Madison MacArthur, are now better positioned to provide expanded sector expertise, consultant depth, cultural fluency, and geographic reach while retaining a boutique approach to client engagement.

The ExeQfind Group, led by Warren Carter, has had an established footprint across the Americas for more than 21 years. The firm’s sister practice, The QualiFind Group and led by Carlos Acosta, shares a similar track record in technical and professional recruitment. Both firm’s core areas of expertise have been strong in the broader agribusiness, ag technology and industrial/ manufacturing sectors across the U.S. and Mexico. Madison MacArthur adds expertise in consumer goods, retail, energy, healthcare, financial services, and real estate.

“The 2020 merger with a Sao Paulo firm owned and led by Hamilton Teixeira was integrated to add to the bench strength of our existing resources and expertise in Mexico,” said Mr. Carter. “Since then, we sought to further expand our ability to serve all of the Americas and the Madison MacArthur merger accomplishes this for us. As with our earlier merger with our Brazilian partner, we knew from prior collaborations with Madison MacArthur, that there were strong synergies between our firms.”

With the USMCA (U.S.–Mexico–Canada Agreement) representing the largest trading bloc globally, we have increasingly found value in providing a truly integrated resource to our clients,” said Mr. Carter. Many of the firm’s clients are multinational organizations with subsidiaries throughout the Americas. “We can now offer a broader ability to more effectively serve key industry segments and do so with localized knowledge and expertise. The ability to integrate search consultants across borders with diverse backgrounds into a team-oriented, collaborative approach has been popular with clients, he added.

“It has been said that change calls for innovation and innovation leads to progress,” said Mr. Teixeira. “I think the same can be said for the progress achieved through this merger. I have collaborated with the Madison MacArthur team to serve our clients in Brazil and their need for vetted leaders in the U.S. and Canada.” Despite the challenges represented in this ongoing pandemic, he said, the need for talent between these integral markets continues. “I’m delighted to have Sylvia as our partner in both the U.S. and Canada.”

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