Within this rapidly-evolving sector, uncertainty is both pervasive and unavoidable. The marketplace is transforming radically and rapidly as companies respond to changing consumer preferences, the erosion of traditional brick-and-mortar business models and the proliferation of digital marketing and sales.

You need talent capable of leading growth through new product development and through fresh approaches to production, marketing and supply chain. Often this means hiring non-traditional employees with the ability to infuse innovation into your culture.

Looking outside for new employees to bring the fresh perspectives and skill sets needed to drive innovation? Looking to hire large numbers of hourly workers for customer-facing roles in a short period of time? Need “Ninja” customer service experts? Look no further than TalentRISE. Talk to us about our perspective on talent acquisition for both exempt and non-exempt roles within:

  • Retail, including Apparel and Banking
  • E-commerce
  • Hospitality & Leisure