Marketing & Sales

Even the very best products or services don’t sell themselves. Whether your business is intent on expanding existing market share, venturing into new markets or simultaneously doing both, your success is largely dependent on having marketing and sales talent capable of getting it done.

If you are looking to add or upgrade talent in your sales and marketing functions, look to TalentRISE for executive search, recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) solutions and consulting help. We know marketing and sales from the inside out, having recruited professionals with expertise in management, strategy, branding, communications, research, pricing, digital strategies and customer loyalty (to name just a few) within those functions for many industries. We also have deep experience in large scale, high volume recruitment campaigns to fill retail, hospitality, e-commerce and customer service roles.

TalentRISE has completed searches and consulted on recruiting strategies for the following roles and specialties:

  • VP of Sales
  • Business Development Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Managers
  • Social Media
  • Product Research/Development
  • Retail/Call Center/E-Commerce Associates (non-exempt and exempt roles)