Faith Based

Decades – even centuries – ago, donations to religion laid the groundwork for the social movement that is now called philanthropy. It also created the important social norm that helping others by giving can engage everyone, regardless of financial ability. Today, faith-based support continues to lead all nonprofit sectors in overall giving from single extraordinary large gifts to countless modest ones. Guided by religious conviction, these organizations seek to support the local, national, or global community through education, advocacy, and social justice. Development Guild DDI has created fundraising plans, recruited leaders, and guided campaigns that are sensitive to culture and practice and effective in building on the faith and spirituality of like-minded communities. We partner closely with Board leadership and congregations to strengthen fundraising programs and add considerably to the talent of these organizations.

Practice members

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Katharine Kaplan Vice President Bio
Kieran McTague Senior Vice President and Director, New York, Principal Bio
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Karen Lieberman-Daly Senior Vice President, Principal Bio
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