Cultural Arts

Cultural organizations are an essential component of a thriving civil society with the power to deeply impact communities and economies. That power depends on a broad spectrum of support to achieve an equally ambitious mission, be it introducing young audiences to visual and performing arts, bringing innovative STEM curriculum to classrooms around the country, nurturing artistic excellence in today’s writers and poets, or creating cutting edge NPR programming. From the most avid patron of the arts to the visitors accustomed to showing support through gate sales, we understand the constituencies and related opportunities and challenges associated with the philanthropic base of cultural organizations. Planning for and implementing an ambitious campaign or adapting a patrons program for a new generation of donors and members, we take the big picture view of your philanthropic needs – and can help find a leader who does, too.

Practice members

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Suzanne J. Battit Senior Vice President and Fundraising Practice Manager, Principal Bio
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Karen Lieberman-Daly Senior Vice President, Principal Bio
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