Berglass + Associates


What sets them apart? They understand the future of the consumer goods space…and can find you the leaders who can take you there. Berglass+Associates brings more than 25 years of experience of C-Suite recruiting across multiple channels. They’ve done it differently from the start. They’re futurists. They’re more interested in what’s ahead than what’s in the rearview mirror. They anticipated both the verticalization and branding of retail. They saw the enormous impact of digital early on. They also spotted the millennial influence at its earliest stages. They were the first to see private equity’s interest in retail and quickly understood that the investment community’s definition of leadership was unique. They look at where the consumer is today, and where this shopper’s going tomorrow.

Today, they’re helping clients re-populate their C-Suites and Boardrooms with the most innovative and forward-thinking leaders…leaders who embrace the future and all the changes it’s bringing.

Hunt Scanlon Newswire Briefings

Employees Will be Easy to Lose and Hard to Hire in 2017

It’s become clear over the last several years that the job market has been not only recovering, but transitioning. Consequently, the latest changes wrought have given way to an entirely new type of candidate profile, report recruiters from the field. Interestingly, working professionals themselves are leading the way — and they’ve become all too aware