IMC Retains Hanold Associates for Head of Recruiting Search

IMC has retained Hanold Associates for their Head of Recruiting search. Ashley Schiele, Katrina Prospero and Lisa Butkus are leading the search based in Chicago.

IMC is a leading global market maker and diversified trading firm. It was originally founded in 1989 in Amsterdam and was one of the first companies to realize the importance of technology in trading and use tech to evolve beyond the classic trading floor. The tech heritage remains deeply embedded today, and the company has become highly automated, trading based on data and algorithms. IMC is a place where traders and technologists combine their specialized skills to develop and drive innovative new trading strategies.

With its unique combination of technology and trading oriented employees, IMC has developed a culture that is just as unique. The company is proud of its open, non-hierarchical culture that fosters teamwork and innovation, ensuring that the best ideas always win. IMC employees are fast-paced, competitive and insatiably curious but also realize that the best work is done as a team. To foster this culture, IMC continues to make significant investments in both people and infrastructure, committing, enabling, encouraging, and empowering through training and retention.

Reporting to the Head of Human Resources for the Chicago office, Melissa Banek, the Head of Recruiting will lead talent acquisition for all of IMC’s domestic operations. This leader will oversee both campus and experienced recruiting teams, working closely with leaders in HR and the business to develop and implement a recruiting strategy to support the future of the company. They will be the face of recruiting, with a strong focus on employment brand, driving metrics and data within recruitment. IMC is in a period of rapid growth, so bringing in the best talent at all levels is critical to the ongoing success of the company.

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