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StevenDouglas, one of the nation’s leading boutique Search and Interim Resources firms, is a recognized leader in identifying and providing access to top talent since 1984. Our client base is industry agnostic and ranges from start-ups and emerging middle-market to Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms. StevenDouglas is known for having experience in a variety of key areas of expertise, as well as rapid-growth, highly competitive practices, such as IT Staffing & Consulting.

StevenDouglas History

In 1984, at 25 years old, Steve Sadaka founded StevenDouglas, a Search firm based in Miami, serving the entire region. He quit his accounting career to start his own firm, which was exciting but also a very scary time as he did not come from money and had no safety net. Also, the Executive Search business, has lots of peaks and valleys so Steve had to be very conservative and not get ahead of himself in case of a downturn.

Initially, Steve’s growth strategy was predicated on the expansion of the region he was serving. In the 80’s, the primary industry in Miami was Banking so the firm’s initial focus was on the financial services and wealth management sectors due to demand for talent in those areas. As the South Florida economy grew, Steve transitioned the firm to include the Real Estate and Construction sector as another specialty with many company headquarters establishing themselves in the area. Also, with Florida as a tourism hub, the Hospitality sector took off and the cruise line industry was born with all the major players calling Florida home.

Other industries such as Retail and Transportation started to emerge with expansion all over the region. A major airline was based in Miami, so manufacturers & distributors emerged to service this big customer, and the aging population drove demand in the Healthcare sector. Steve continues his strategy of responding to client needs and market demands by expanding services to include high-growth niche specialties, such as CyberSecurity and IT Staffing. Today, StevenDouglas operates across the United States, including a presence in Latin America and Canada.


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StevenDouglas, one of the nation’s leading boutique Search and Interim Resources firms, has been a recognized leader in identifying and providing access to top talent for corporate clients since 1984.

Our client base is industry agnostic and ranges from start-ups and emerging middle-market to Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms.

Solutions And Expertise

  • Executive Search
  • Interim Resources
  • IT Staffing
  • Professional Recruiting
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Construction
  • Consumer
  • Cybersecurity
  • Distribution
  • Family Offices
  • Hedge Funds
  • Industrial
  • Life Sci./Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Mining
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel, Hosp. & Leisure
  • Venture Capital
  • Wealth Management
  • Business Development
  • CEO/President
  • Communications/PR
  • Data/Analytics
  • Finance/Accounting
  • General Management
  • GM/Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information/Digital
  • Invest. Mgmt./Banking
  • Investor Relations
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Medical/Clinical
  • Research & Develop.
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain

News Briefings

Private Equity Recruiting Takes Off in Hot Market for Talent

Private equity firms have been pulling strongly in a direction all their own, not only bucking the challenges impacting other businesses but clearly passing key inflection points for growth. According to Dominic Lévesque, president of Tatum: “We’re seeing huge reserves of dry powder on tap, and along with it, sky-high valuations. Small wonder, then, that

Disruption in Financial Services Presents Big Opportunities for Recruiters 

The profile of modern financial services leaders continues to shift amid the sector’s renewed focus on customers for revenue growth, service digitalization, a renewed focus on risk management, and increasing investor and regulatory scrutiny, according to executive recruiters. The COVID-19 crisis has only heightened the need for top talent that has the ability to pivot

Why We Make Bad Hires 

Finding good people is one of the toughest challenges for business owners and managers. Turnover has an immediate and often devastating impact on the bottom line, according to StevenDouglas’ Donald Zinn. If you have a sales force of five people, for example, each represents 20 percent of your potential annual revenue, he says. If one

StevenDouglas Opens New Offices in Nashville and Orange County

Executive search firm StevenDouglas has opened new offices in Nashville, TN, and Orange County, CA. Establishing new locations in these markets is a direct response to existing clients’ having thrived in the post-pandemic rebound, and high demand for talent in these regions, according to the search firm. “We are very excited to add Chris Oldham to the healthcare

Press Releases

StevenDouglas Named In “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” Recognition

(June 11, 2020) StevenDouglas, a national executive search and interim resources firm founded in Florida in 1984, is receiving accolades on two prominent lists.  Recently the firm appeared on not only America’s Best Recruiting Firms Executive Search list by Forbes and Statista, but also Hunt Scanlon’s Top 50 Executive Search Firms in North America. In 2019,

As StevenDouglas Grows, the Firm’s Positive Impact is Getting Recognition

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. – April 30, 2019 – StevenDouglas ranked #1 on The List of Top Executive Search Firms in South Florida in 2018 by the South Florida Business Journal (SFBJ), marking the fourth time in the last 5 years.  Also, the firm’s President, Matt Shore, is featured in an accompanying article on Executive Search,

StevenDouglas Acquires Tallience

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, April 6, 2018 – StevenDouglas has completed the acquisition of Tallience, a full service Technology Search, Staffing and Consulting firm. As part of the acquisition, one of the Founding Partners, Tim Baron, is joining StevenDouglas as Managing Director of the Washington DC Metro office, bringing a very experienced and talented team with him.

StevenDouglas Partners with NFL player Jason Taylor on the “Read to Succeed Initiative”

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, February 23, 2017 — StevenDouglas is proud to again partner with legendary NFL player Jason Taylor on the “Read to Succeed Initiative” benefitting the Jason Taylor Reading Room. The initiative was originally launched by Steve Sadaka, Chairman and CEO of StevenDouglas, who continues to assemble a dedicated team of committee members determined to serve as ambassadors

StevenDouglas Undergoes a Total Brand Review

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, January 23, 2017 — StevenDouglas has undergone a total brand review and today unveiled its new logo, tagline and website to support its evolution as a leading search and interim resources firm. “Our new brand identity reinforces the StevenDouglas commitment to provide access to the very best talent, whether on a search or interim



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