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RM Nephew and Associates LLC specializes in placing chief executives, functional executive leadership and board directors. Our firm is recognized as a trusted strategic partner to our clients. We take pride in recruiting leaders who excel at developing strategic vision, driving effective execution and nurturing positive team dynamics. The RMN team, which includes a powerful internal research and recruiting organization, is based in Boston and New York.

Our core purpose is to “Make Every Business Better.”  We do this through:

Access. With few restrictions on candidates, we have access to exceptional talent.

Values. We invest heavily in learning our client’s values and vision. We conscientiously introduce candidates who match that profile.

Relationships. We build personal relationships with candidates which results in understanding and influence at the time of decision.

Process. The team our client meets is the team our client experiences every day on their search.

Integrity. Our core values are: “Be restless and relentless,” “Show respect,” “Be generous,” and “Listen and contribute.”

Quality. We invest in quality checks throughout the search process.  The most important element is our Search Quality Assessment, conducted independently six weeks after project initiation.


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Our firm is led by a team of individuals who have a demonstrated track record of success in executive search as well as executive operating roles. The leadership team’s experience on both sides of the recruiting table offers our clients, as well as candidates, enhanced value and a deeper level of engagement made possible through real, relevant experience.

Our leadership team represents expertise across multiple industries—public, private and family-owned—as well as extensive international experience. Our target sectors include but are not limited to: Healthcare, Technology, Professional Services, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing.

A Focus on Senior Executives

We focus on executive and leadership positions, including C-Suite, providing our clients with a horizontal specialty in key leadership roles that spans numerous industries, markets and countries.

Furthermore, as a boutique firm, we are committed to offering direct access to members of our leadership team as a standard part of the service and commitment we offer to every client.

Solutions And Expertise

  • Executive Search
  • Clean Tech./Sustain.
  • Cloud Based
  • Commercial Banking
  • Consulting
  • Consumer
  • Consumer Products
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data & Analytics
  • Devices
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • High Tech
  • Internet
  • Legal/Compliance
  • Life Sci./Healthcare
  • Medical
  • Medical Devices
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Board/Governance
  • Business Development
  • CEO/President
  • Communications/PR
  • Data/Analytics
  • Development
  • Finance/Accounting
  • General Management
  • GM/Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information/Digital
  • Invest. Mgmt./Banking
  • Legal/Compliance
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Medical/Clinical
  • Supply Chain

News Briefings

RMN Electi Recruits CEO for Northwoods

RMN Electi, formerly RM Nephew and Associates, recently assisted in the recruitment of Dave Minning as CEO of Northwoods. He is succeeding founder Gary Heinze, who will maintain ownership of Northwoods and transitioned to his role as chairman of the board. “I am thrilled to welcome Dave Minning to Northwoods,” said Mr. Heinze. “Dave brings a

RMN Electi Recruits Chief Strategy Officer for Southern New Hampshire University

Chief strategy officers typically work for corporations across a variety of industries. They use their experience working in business development and industry-related positions to help improve business operations and help their company adapt to new workplace procedures. Today, chief strategy officer are in high demand and this has been keeping executive search firms busy. RMN Electi, formerly

RMN Electi Recruits CFO for HomeX

The pressure on chief financial officers during the pandemic has been significant. That has made finding the best ones big business for executive recruiters. Just recently, RMN Electi, formerly RM Nephew and Associates, assisted in the recruitment of Zach Ripps as the new CFO of HomeX Services Group in Lincoln, RI. Mr. Ripps is formerly head

RMN Electi Recruits Chief Product Officer for Northwoods

Today’s chief product officer is responsible for all product-related matters, and the role is growing in demand, according to executive recruiters who place them. The position typically includes product conception and development, production, innovation, and project and product management. In many IT/ telecommunications companies, the position includes release management and production. Chief product officers generally work on