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Transforming IT Talent Acquisition & Planning 2023

Technology jobs have really taken a beating in the last three to four months. But many organizations are still facing significant challenges finding technology professionals as we head full bore into 2023. Learn from industry experts on how to attract and retain top tech talent, and how to develop a comprehensive talent acquisition and planning strategy that will drive your organization’s success in 2023. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to transform your talent acquisition and planning efforts. In this webinar Chris Beckage, a leader with 25+ years of experience in talent acquisition and retention, leads an expert panel to discuss:

• The key trends that are shaping up the recruitment landscape in 2023

• Transformation in job postings as dictated by job seekers

• The new interview cycle –hire in 10 days or less

• Role of DE&I in the hiring process

• Establishing compelling reasons for candidates to join your team