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Precision Transformation in Inflationary Environments

Inevitably, whether through inflation, supply chain disruptions, global political turbulence, or other ‘force majeure,’ change hits – sometimes suddenly and without warning. When market turbulence hits, CEOs pivot towards the ‘must do’ work and should pivot towards the ‘must have’ roles connected to that work. This practice enables precision in any business transformation, but is especially important during times of ‘forced transformation’.

Do you know the 20 roles in your company that will drive 80% of the value? This question is challenging for many CEOs and CHROs / CTOs to answer in steady market environments, and it can become next to impossible to answer in a turbulent market environment.

This is where Talent to Value comes in. Talent to Value highlights a process by which you can make the intangible tangible through targeted interventions that will enable a laser focus on the fewest, most impactful points of value creation.