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Operationalizing DEI Through Psychological Safety

(December 7, 2023) This webinar hosted by TI Verbatim Consulting (TIVC) in partnership with Hunt Scanlon Media delved deeply into the topic of “Operationalizing DEI Through Psychological Safety.” The session aimed to unravel the intricate relationship between psychological safety and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within organizational frameworks.

Featuring insights from notable industry experts such as Justin Clark, Chief Operating Officer at TIVC; Saul Gomez, Director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA) at TIVC; Veronica Lawrence, Senior Director of Organizational Optimization at TIVC; Dr. Orion P. Welch, an Organizational Leadership Expert in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Senior Researcher; and Dr. Lorie Hood, a Master Certified Coach and Founder of The Hood Group, LLC.

During the webinar, these distinguished speakers engaged in a profound discussion highlighting the pivotal role of psychological safety in fostering inclusive behaviors, shaping policies, and effectively implementing DEI strategies within workplaces.