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How Non-Profits, Foundations, and Social Impact Organizations Can Compete for Top Talent in Today’s Job Market

(August 31, 2023) Competition for top talent is high, no matter the sector, and as a result, organizations need to distinguish themselves as a place where high-performance leaders want to be. For the more than 1.5 million non-profits, foundations, and social impact organizations across the U.S., mission, purpose, culture, and impact are their competitive advantage – but is that enough to win the race for talent in today’s market?

In this webinar Doug Trout, managing director at DRiWaterstone Human Capital and a panel of industry experts, including: Seto Akinjiola, chief people and culture officer at the Union of Concerned Scientists; Susybelle Gosslee, chief administrative officer at the Episcopal Health Foundation; and Julio Suárez, managing director for social impact at DRiWaterstone Human Capital explored some of the unique challenges and opportunities facing non-profit and social impact organizations when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent who can help achieve their mission, impact, and performance goals.