The Bowdoin Group and QPS Host “Grappling with Gender Gaps: The Hidden Impact of COVID-19”

(March 30, 2021) The data is clear: Women have been disproportionately negatively impacted by the pandemic in ways that likely could have been anticipated. According to the U.S. labor data and the Brookings Institute, women have exited the labor force at 4x the rate of men since September 2020. The crises around childcare, school closures, and being homebound have forced many women to choose: the responsibilities of home or career.

In this recorded session, Lisa Perez (Founder and President of HBL Resources), Soyini Chang (CEO and Co-Founder of Quantum Power Skills), and Lindsey Potvin (Vice President at The Bowdoin Group) will discuss what leading organizations are doing today to make the workplace more equitable for working women and to support those looking to accelerate their careers.

Listen in to our panelists discuss the following:

  • How organizations have supported them to get where they are today
  • How they’ve addressed work/life balance in their own lives and within their organizations during the COVID-19 era
  • What systems and processes they’ve instituted to encourage fellow female leaders to rise to the top

You can watch the recording of this LinkedIn Live below to explore what leading organizations are doing to make the workplace more equitable for working women, especially during times of uncertainty.

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