Talent Talks > Working With Millennials: Bolstering Appeal (Podcast 6/10)

Working With Millennials: Bolstering Appeal (Podcast 6/10)

In this sixth episode of our 10-part podcast series, ‘Working with Millennials,’ we feature another highly informative Q&A with Smooch Reynolds, Smooch Reynolds, IR & communications functional search expert. According to Ms. Reynolds, HR professionals are increasingly concerned about how to best cater to Millennials’ workplace needs. Talent acquisition leaders recommend certain employee benefits to help mangers bolster their appeal. Problem is, it’s not working.

“Millennials are a generation that wants positive feedback immediately and to be making forward momentum in their lives at all times,” said Ms. Reynolds. “This is a restless generation, in some respects, that demands a ‘feedback loop’ that is different than what managers have been expected to provide in the past.” Listen Now