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Adapting to Change:
Trends in Talent Acquisition 2016

“This study is ‘The Bible’ for any serious search consultant
and their corporate counterparts. No one in the talent
management sector should be without a copy.”

– Steve Potter
President and CEO, Ogders Berndston


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Are you “Adapting to Change” and the great transitions that lie ahead for the talent acquisition and leadership solutions sector? In this report, Hunt Scanlon takes a long and short view of what these changes will be and recommend how talent leaders can best tailor their people strategies to meet these expanding market shifts. Change is the nature of life. And it’s certainly the nature of business today. And those who succeed are the ones who find new and better ways to move forward. For talent leaders these are days of transition. This report is your best guide to navigate the year ahead.


In our Executive Summary this year, Hunt Scanlon analysts ask: What is the current state of the executive search and leadership solutions industry? To answer, we have gone to a broad number of talent professionals to find out. What they tell us is revealing: slowing but continued growth throughout the sector, an uptick in market volatility, new service offerings and expansions, more acquisitions, intensified globalization, a rapid move toward data analytics in the selection of senior-level professionals, greater specialization, and heightened challenges posed by in-house recruitment. You will hear from the industry’s key leader, Gary Burnison of Korn Ferry, as well as a host of leading boutique specialists who all have their hand on the pulse of this fast moving field.

“The talent sector is now at an inflection point and pressure is mounting for everyone to adapt. The fight for talent is drawing companies from all walks of life into the competitive race for business leadership – and this intense demand is driving all sorts of change in the talent solutions sector.”

Scott A. Scanlon
State of the Industry Report Editor-in-Chief, Hunt-Scanlon Media


As businesses and governments face more sophisticated and dangerous attacks from hackers bent on wreaking havoc, cybersecurity has become a top-of-the-agenda concern for corporate leaders. The growing list of well-publicized breaches of big name brands like JP Morgan Chase, Target and Home Depot has made everyone anxious. Virtually every company with an online presence – meaning virtually every company – is susceptible. For search firms, identifying just the right cybersecurity leaders, and recruiting cyber-teams, is now one of the hottest sectors in the recruitment industry, and there is no sign of a cool down any time soon. We interview well-known leaders throughout the space – and their insight is invaluable to anyone interested in the cybersecurity field.


The statistics are ominous. Ten thousand Baby Boomers turn 65 every day. It started in 2011 and it will continue until 2030. Whether this demographic group retires at that traditional age, earlier, or later remains an open question. But the bare-bone facts remain chilling for businesses across the country. In just 14 years, 18 percent of Americans will be 65 or older. As they accept their gold watches and head into their sunset years, their skill-sets unfortunately go with them. As a brave new world is ushered in, loaded with technology and innovations of all kinds, recruiters and talent acquisition specialists are already facing the difficult question of how to find enough skilled talent to drive the machine forward. So far, the answers have not come easily. Hunt Scanlon delivers some surprising facts and statistics.


A large group of leadership advisory specialists provide a unique window into their expert thinking in this “Industry Viewpoint” section that has always been a favorite of past subscribers. How clients should select their search partner; the expanding influence of market intelligence in the recruiting sector; the challenges and opportunities that recruiters face; mastering the trade of executive search; the importance of diversity in top level recruiting; and the nuances in recruiting for leadership in life sciences and biopharma, telecommunications, the industrial sector, and cybersecurity. These world-renowned search leaders guide us always with an eye to the future and with recruiting best-in-class talent in mind. So, if you’re interested in hearing from the industry’s most trusted and respected leadership advisory professionals, we encourage you to take the time to read this outstanding section of this year’s report.

“There is an old paradox in need of an update. It varies based on who you talk to but goes something like this: leadership remains in short supply… the ‘War for Talent’ is either over or just getting started. At the same time, there is an abundance of eminently qualified managers achieving results. Yet while many are called, few end up being chosen when it comes to the top job. Why is this so?”

Dale E. Jones
President and CEO, Diversified Search


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