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2018 In-House Recruiting:
25 Case Studies Redefining Talent Acquisition

“This report provides an excellent in-depth analysis
of the changing landscape of talent acquisition.”

– Jennifer Buchholtz
Chief Human Resources Officer, HealthPlanOne, LLC

November 2018 Release

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One key constituency driving the major realignment in the talent field are hiring companies themselves, who have now grown accustomed to accessing massive talent pools from their desktops. For today’s talent acquisition specialist, sorting out background checks and work histories of candidates is now done with relative ease. Why are talent acquisition professionals going ‘in-house’ to meet their talent demands? This stunning report, which includes 25 major corporate Case Studies, cutting edge data & statistics and insightful commentary, has resulted in a first-ever, groundbreaking study.


An extensive Executive Summary highlighting all the most up-to-date senior-level in-house recruiting solutions trends. Expert analysis and commentary from Hunt Scanlon Media’s editorial team focuses on the broadening acceptance of ‘do it yourself recruiting’ and the search for C-level talent without external recruiters at some of the best-known corporate brands across America. Commentary from leading CHROs, chief talent officers and heads of talent acquisition.

“It is not completely surprising that many companies have made a shift to in-house recruiting. The concept has been around for years. But with the advent of LinkedIn and other sources of candidate information online, in-house recruiting is now an indispensable – and inescapable – part of every organization’s talent acquisition game plan.”

Scott A. Scanlon
In-House Report Editor-in-Chief, Hunt-Scanlon Media


25 companies are featured in in-depth Case Studies including marquee brands such as: Microsoft, Nike, Coca-Cola, Time Warner, Deutsche Bank, PepsiCo, Cardinal Health, Philips, Pitney Bowes, CBS and others examine in-house recruiting strategies that are currently in place. Each company explores the success and failure rates of these initiatives. We take a close look at the realignment underway — and the impacts and the fallout. Challenges in sourcing candidates is looked at in depth.

“Based on seven years of comparative data measuring quality of hire, we have determined that the hires made by our internal teams outperform those from any external sources.”

John J. Goldberg
Director of Executive Talent Acquisition, The Coca-Cola Company


The results of our in-house talent management survey are in. Primary analysis this year is based on input from over 1,000 leading chief talent officers and talent acquisition professionals. A range of topics were covered, including search firm use, satisfaction metrics, recruiting budgets, preferred provider arrangements, culture fit, fee structures, social media technologies, emerging talent management solutions, complementary services required, and areas of improvement.

This year’s respondents asked us to focus on the growing trend of companies to develop in-house recruiting operations which reduce, if not completely omit, their reliance on outside executive recruiters. No single in-house recruiting report is more comprehensive than this one.


Viewpoints from some of the leading names in executive search are presented in this full section. Each sector specialist weighs in on a wide range of talent management topics, reminding readers that despite the rise in internal recruitment, external search partners are not only alive but thriving. In fact, many see new opportunities to work with their corporate counterparts including identifying talent for very senior level posts to harvesting key candidates from all over the globe.

“In-house recruiting is not a new phenomenon, but it is now widely seen as scalable as new social media technologies make the task of in-house recruiting more efficient and less expensive. What had become the de facto nod to use external recruiting specialists 20 years ago is now questioned, repeatedly – and it is a trend that is not going away.”

Jason Hanold
Managing Partner, Hanold Associates


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