Search Solution Group Promotes Eric Fehr to Vice President of Operations

Eric Fehr is the company’s longest-standing employee and has had a firsthand view of the company’s immense growth. Search Solution Group barely resembled the organization it is today when Fehr began with the company. Today the firm boasts 70 employees, three divisions, offices across the country, and requires a great deal of operational management. Fehr came to work for the firm as a recruiter and transitioned into the role of Director of Operations as the company grew. Fehr is a known problem-solver with a strategic and goal-oriented mindset, making him a valuable asset to the development of Search Solution Group. He has overseen the development of all facets of the organization—including the recruiting, sales, operations, and marketing departments. With his broad scope of knowledge, Fehr has had a hand in the operations behind every sector of the business and has implemented successful policies and procedures that ensure the forward growth of the company.

“Since coming to work for Search Solution Group in 2016 no one person has been a bigger help to me than Eric Fehr. His expertise, guidance, and big-picture thinking is one of the key reasons why we have been so successful as a company. We are very lucky to have Eric with us.” – Josh Mangum, Director of Strategy

Fehr is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and worked in Marketing and Sales before coming to Search Solution Group. His experience has been instrumental in Search Solution Group’s prominence in the recruitment industry as they have now permeated the executive search, direct hire recruitment, and contract staffing markets.

“I honestly never knew how much Eric did for our organization until I got the opportunity to work with him full-time starting last year. He is truly the man behind just about everything here. We are all beyond lucky to have Eric in our corner steering the ship. The promotion is incredibly well-deserved.” –Caroline Cubbage, Director of Recruitment

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