Ropella Launches CEO Search for Nanotech Industrial Solutions

WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY, August 27, 2018 – The Ropella Group, the leading Executive Search firm specializing in the chemical, consumer products and technology industries, has launched a new search on behalf of Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS), who is looking for a visionary CEO to lead the company through exponential growth and establish a strong strategic direction for the future.

NIS was the first company to succeed in commercially producing multi-layered, spherical and tubular nano-structures from inorganic materials, and remains the world’s only manufacturer of nano and submicron spherical sized particles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide.  These technologies are primarily applied to lubricant applications within various infrastructure industries, including Oil & Gas Drilling, Space & Defense, and Power Generation Plants.

Job Requirements

The CEO will have the opportunity to establish a vision for the company over the next three to five years and beyond, including expanded revenue from $1.5MM to $5-10MM in the next one to two years.  The foundation of this growth lies on maturing joint development agreements with large clients including Total Global and Evonik.  With this growth comes the opportunity to travel to NIS’s production facility in Israel, as well as to current and prospective key clients in France, Germany and others.

The CEO will be first in command at NIS, responsible for creating a vision for success, providing strategic direction, driving development and guiding the company and its employees towards long-term success.  The ideal candidate will be a skilled executive with a demonstrated ability to focus on the big picture.  They will take actions to enhance the company’s cash flow and position the company as a lucrative investment opportunity for new strategic partners.  They need to have an entrepreneurial mindset, familiarity with diverse business functions, in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and strong acumen surrounding corporate finance.

About Ropella

The Ropella Group is an Executive Search Consulting firm that has been helping companies grow and prosper by developing their most important competitive advantage – smart, capable talent – for more than 25 years.  As a strategic and trusted partner in the Chemical, Technology and Consumer Products industries, Ropella leverages its trademarked SMART Search System to transform the recruiting process in the same way that Six Sigma has transformed manufacturing processes.  From aligning expectations with clients to a Compensation Comparison Calculator, this system allows Ropella to present higher quality candidates with quicker turnaround times.  You can find out more from the Ropella Group website ( or connect with them on LinkedIn ( or Facebook (


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